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Galvanized Chain Link

Galvanized chain link is the most economical style of fence. It's simple, durable and affordable. It provides a boundary without blocking out your yard.

Vinyl Coated Chain Link

Vinyl coated chain link offers a more appealing look to chain link fences. The materials are galvanized underneath the colored vinyl coating to prevent rusting. The wire has a plastic coating while the posts and top-rail are powder coated. Our wire has an 11 gauge core (the heaviest residential wire). The added vinyl coating does not give the fence any additional strength, so be sure to compare the core size when pricing. The available colors are brown, black and green.

We only install the heavy grade w/ 11 Gauge fabric with 16 Gauge framework.

*The medium grade's average weight of the complete fence (posts, top-rail and wire) is approximately 25% heavier than the light grade.
*The heavy grade complete fence is
45% heavier than the light grade.

**Remember the size of the material and not the grade name given to it. What one person considers heavy grade may be another's medium or light grade.

All of our gates are welded in our shop. The use of corner brackets would compromise its rigidity.

Gauge or Thickness
Mesh size
Light Grade
2 3/8"
1.26 lb/ft
Medium Grade
2 1/4"
1.64 lb/ft
Heavy Grade
1.96 lb/ft
Tubing (Posts/Toprail)
Gauge or Thickness
Wall Thickness
Top Rail Weight
Light Grade
.69 lb/ft
Medium Grade
.82 lb/ft
Heavy Grade
.91 lb/ft

Just like any other product you buy, there are different grades of chain link. There are many factors that determine the quality of the materials. Below are tables mapping out the differences.